The choice is yours……

Everyday offers us choice.As soon as the alarm rings we have two choices either to wake up or bang on the dismiss button and enjoy the sleep.This is the first decision we make everyday.

Choice us always your… the one with ultimate power……

Everyday offers something new.Everyday is an opportunity to give up on your mediocrity or underperform.The choice is yours…….!!

Each new day will offer you a choice to move on or hold on a grudge. The choice is yours………..!!

You can start day with a bright smile or with family squabbles. Still the choice is yours……!!🙂

Either you keep on giving explanations or choose your battles wisely.The power is yours….!!

Each choice,each decision,each opportunity matters.Making wise choice is no deficit deal.It really holds power to change the world so why not your life!It’s just a play of seconds.Seconds which can change you forever 🌹or depress you forever.🥀

This reminds me of a famous poem by ROBERT FROST

Life’s Mirror

What you do,what you think and what you say have a very very deep impact on our life.Joesph Murphy in his book ‘Power of Subconscious Mind’ has explained how an idea once accepted by our mind comes to existence and becomes part of reality.

If you feed your mind with negativity,negativity follows and life is thrown into darkness. If you sow positivity you will get the plant of positivity. Like as you sow so shall you reap.

Being positive and cheerful is a daily ritual just as offering prayers to god.Everyone must adapt to accept this ritual.

There are two type of people one who say the glass is half empty and the others who say glass is half full.You choose who you are……

Making a wise choice can change your perspective of life.A bad choice may make your life miserable.

THE LIFE IS LIKE A MIRROR IT RELECTS YOUR THOUGHTS AND IDEAS.So think positive get positive.Make a habit of finding positivity in every possible situation.


Not all good times last forever.Wishing a happy life is no sin but not preparing for worst is foolish.It was correctly said”Expect the best prepare for the worst.”

Everyone once in a life time encounter shattering events which break us both externally and internally.But answer to every setback is a comeback.It is the correct time to show your strength.

Like roller coaster never stays at the top it has to come down, in life also not everyday will not be yours but someday a day will be yours. All these difficulties are to strengthen your bones and when you are ready to go they leave you.

Easy win is like a passing cloud but a win after long series of hurdles is a never ending joy.👌

Whenever facing a situation never say why me say try me !!

Be the star of your own game🤘.Show how great fighter you are.You can not be thrown away by any stroke of wind even a thunderstorm can not shake you.You are so steadfast,you are the iron man of the real world not Marvel world 😎😎



These days how are we defining ourselves??are we really living to the fullest or just trying to meet  the standards set by others…….

Are we making ourselves happy? Probably not.We are not comfortable in our own skin.We look at the world with lens of others (that world includes us also).The perfect skin, the perfect body etc….  The things  we are conscious about are killing us from inside

Try to recount when you last  laughed heartily ,when you had a fun talk with your family.

We all are engulfed by the illusional worldly talks, standard, even those who themselves are victims of this viscious world have ruined our lives with their sick and addicted(to drug of judgementalism and comparison)thinking.


Come back to life, the real life that we all must have dreamed in our childhood. (happy peaceful and where our mother would be there to welcome us with a bright smile.)

It’s never too late…..try talk to someone special if there’s no one talk to your mother, the hand you left to run into this mad race. I’m damn sure she’ll always welcome you with her arms outstretched and will console you by saying “no problem dear we’ll make everything better and best again’

BUSY IN COLLECTING MATERIALISTIC POSSESSIONS will they really bring you the world…

Though resources are important but don’t forget about the mortal person who one day will mix into soil and your resources won’t be able to bring him back…….!!


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